Bone Substitutes (Coming Soon)

RegenOss represents an innovative concept in bone grafting. It is a collagen-hydroxyapatite composite biomaterial designed and engineered at macro-, micro-, and nano-scale to promote bone regeneration.

RegenOss is available in patches and strips that can perfectly fit the anatomic curvature of the graft site. During surgery, this osteostimulative and biodegradable scaffold can be easily adapted to the dimension and shape of the defect, saving time and improving placement.

RegenOss is a fully biomimetic scaffold, its unique structure and chemical composition confer characteristics replicating that of human bone.

By using nature as a model, the patented nucleation of magnesium-enriched hydroxyapatite nano-crystals into type I collagen fibers resembles the process occurring during biological neo-ossification.

RegenOss is highly hydrophilic; it can quickly absorb the biological fluids, molecules and cells promoting bone formation. Its architecture favors cells attachment and proliferation.

While serving as a scaffold to guide effective bone regeneration, RegenOss is resorbed by enzymes and cellular action over a period of 6-12 months.

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Bone Substitutes