A specialized and Speedy way to shoot away tattoos and Pigments.
A revolutionary aesthetic skin laser machine that delivers high energy pulse at extremely short intervals to treat tattoo, wrinkles, scars, and pigments. PicoIris is an advanced dermatology skin laser machine that combines triple wavelength picosecond laser from TriCell Biologics that enables the removal of multi-colored tattoos, benign pigmented lesions, birthmarks, photo-damaged skin, vascular and freckle pigmentation, scars, wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

Photoacoustic Effect

Pico laser treatment mechanism of action is based on delivering short picosecond energy pulses of lasers to the dermis. High energy laser pulses shot at short intervals generate pressure waves within the dermis layer that blast pigments into fine sand-like particles and stimulate collagen production. This photo-mechanical impact breaks up the tattoo ink or pigmentation into smaller particles that are eliminated by immune system.

LASER AND LIGHT THERAPIESDifference between Q-Switch and Pico Laser

Q-Switch lasers work on the principle of selective photo thermolysis and also produce an additional photoacoustic effect which potentially causes explosion of the target. However, Q-switch laser delivers high energy pulses at 1 billionth of a second (ns) which causes post pigmentation, scars and burns. Not suitable for all skin types and takes more sessions than a picosecond laser. The pico laser treatment is best for melasma and this dermatology laser machine is best advocated as an acne scar removal machine and tattoo removal machine.


  • Acoustic Blast Wave Technology
  • Shortest picosecond pulses at lower energy for less risk of side effects
  • Triple wavelength Combination (532nm+755nm+1064nm)
  • For effective treatments, multiple wavelengths delivered at high power, and the ability to target and treat at depth are critical
  • Multiple spot sizes (2-10mm)
  • Highest peak power for effective energy over the broadest range of spot sizes
  • Comfortable, ergonomic hand piece


  • Anti-Ageing and Spot Treatment Possible
  • Small spot sizes enables deeper penetration of high energy pulses to stimulate neo collagen formation and skin rejuvenation
  • Treat dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions
  •  Large spot sizes enable deep penetration when needed
  •  Suitable for all skin types
  • Low to No Downtime
  •  Superior efficacy, safety and enhanced comfort.
  • Fewer session with faster recovery
  • Robust, reliable and Scalable
  • Premium Pico Laser for melasma.
  • Advanced acne scar removal machine

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Acne Scars
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Copyright © 2021  by TricellBio. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2021  by Tricell Bio. All rights reserved.

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