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TriCell PRP

The REV-MED TriCell Platelet Plasma Product Kit is specifically designed for Platelet Rich Plasma Medical Experts.

TriCell BMC

The TriCell BMC Kit is intended for used for the safe and rapid preparation of autologous Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) from a sample of bone marrow aspirate at the patient's point of care.


Customized 3D Printed Bones as implantable materials or Bone Substitutes.


TriCell delivers PRP the way you want it

> Economical | Affordable Quality

> Customizable | Dial-in the cell composition you require

> Sterile | Eliminates contamination risk

> Secure | Closed system

> Volume Control | Dial-in the volume you desire

> Rapid | "Point of Care" preparation

How this works?

Let us show you how the entire PRP process can be accomplished in 4 simple steps.

Insert Needle

Insert the Needle into the Injection Point. Make the same weight. +/- 1gm. Start 1st Centrifuge.

Turn RBC Chamber CAP

Turn the RBC Chamber cap to move buffycoat to the plasma. Before 2nd Centrifuge, adjust PRP density amount from 1cc to 5cc.

Isolate PPP and PRP

Hold the Tricell body and Turn the blood injection point to isolate PPP and PRP.

Harvest PRP

Put the syringe through PRP cap and harvest PRP.